The Walnut, Spring 2016

The Walnut Spring 2016: Is there a prostate cancer diet?

In this issue, we explore some ways that you can improve your overall health, including some changes that might help with your prostate cancer. We also debunk some common myths about diet and prostate cancer.


The Walnut, Winter 2016

In this issue, we explore ways to make informed decisions about treatment options, and some resources and tools for shared decision making.


The Walnut, December 2015

We have a new editor starting January. Read all about him.

Cannabis as a therapy – check it out!

We’ve got a new mission and By-law

Thanks, Bill Dolan

Laughs for Charity raises $25,000!


The Walnut, November 2015

If you didn’t get a Black Walnut this year, you can always get a round TUIT!

Medical Marijuana? Come to the meeting and find out about it.

What a busy bunch of volunteers!

Black Walnut trees in memoriam – check it out.



The Walnut, June 2015

As uknow we are lookin for a nu Walnut Editr.

Richard Bercuson has thowin the towel after 8 ½
Years of doin it. If U no of anyone or you yourselves
R interested pls step 4ward and giv us acall.

Thxs - the PCCNO stearing comiteee.

Thnaks agan U all !


The Walnut, May 2015

Thanks for the memories...

Marc’s humourous touches. Ted’s guidance. Ron’s advice. Stewart’s mentoring. The Gurus. Morash’s hands. Bella cut – by me.

Ludwick’s astounding knowledge. “What’s your psa?” pins. Elie’s good nature. John Arnold’s cottage. Bill’s smile. Steady Wilf.

Chocolate macaroons. John Dugan’s contributions. Chris’s photos and web site. Arland & Andy stuffing it.

Shannon’s wondrous eye. Deadlines (not!). Men’s personal sagas. The next wave...brace it comes...


The Walnut - April, 2015

Things to ponder as spring springs:

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats.

And, the things that come to those who wait may be the things left by those who got there first.


The Walnut - March, 2015

Want to know about our new fearless leaders? See The Back Page.

Want to know why men should hold onto their hair? See page 3.

Want to know why the hardest part of doing nothing is knowing when you’re through?

So do we.


The Walnut - February, 2015

Cracking Open This Walnut

Zowie! We’re under new management! The biggest change will be in how we’re going to help the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient. (Details on page 2.)

Meanwhile, our illustrious new leaders (see banner on page 2) seek secretarial help (Page 4).

And finally, to learn the secrets of regularly winning small amounts in the lottery, )Visit page 13.)


The Walnut - January, 2015

Welcome to 2015! Here’s to you and yours for a happy and healthy new year!


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